What To Write In A Planner

I consider myself to be a pretty organized person. My planner is no different. I honestly believe in writing things down and turning a page to reveal a new week. I have never been the type of person to keep dates and such on my smartphone, call me old fashioned but I’d much rather use a planner.

Many people have the same problem when it comes to owning a planner; they don’t know to write and keep inside. Well no worries, I have come up with __ idea’s to write in your planner!


We will get the most obvious idea out of the way first. Use your planner as a reminder for appointments such as doctors, physiotherapy, interviews or guidance counselor appointments. This way you are less likely to forget as you can see the appointment at a weeks glance.


Hopefully you don’t rely on Facebook to notify you of your friends birthdays, especially since it tells you the day of. Using the monthly calendar view in a planner you can see upcoming birthdays weeks ahead-no more day of surprises! This way you can plan and purchase a gift days in advance.


Keeping a planner has encouraged myself to set goals and timelines of when I want them completed. Set yourself monthly as well as weekly goals as this can be a great way to give yourself motivation for the year ahead. You’ll start to feel really good about yourself when you start checking those goals off!


Give yourself monthly or weekly budgets and keep track of your spending’s right inside your planner. I will often write down when certain bills need to be paid such as, phone bills, insurance and credit cards. I also tend to keep important receipts inside my planner until I know for sure if I can toss them.

Inspiring Quotes:

Give yourself a page in your planner to write down some uplifting quotes! I love looking back at this page when I’m having a rough day or just need some motivation.

Phone Numbers:

Lastly, I think this could be the most convenient idea to have in your planner. Yes, we all have smartphones that can hold all our important contacts, but what if something happens to your phone? Lets say you lose it, the battery dies or if you’re really unlucky it brakes! Keeping a list of at least the important phone numbers in the back of your planner could really save you in any of these situations.

Planners are something that I truly look forward to buying each year because I know just how much I end up using it. It’s a true life saver!

Do you use a planner? If so, what are some crucial things you include in your planner?

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