Why I Started A Blog

Throughout my life I have always enjoyed writing. Whether it was back in high school english class or as my own personal outlet, it has always been something I love doing.

I am the type of person who loves sharing my opinions and ideas just as much as I love hearing them.

Although, I mainly started this blog as a challenge to myself. I want to challenge myself to keep my blog updated whether its daily or a weekly goal. As well as challenge myself to become a better writer.

This blog is also going to be a personal journal for myself. Where I try and learn new things, share ideas and meet new people. I want to inspire others to try new things as well.

It wont ever bother me knowing that people may not be interested in my blog or let alone read it. As I mentioned before, I’m challenging myself to stick with this. If you do in fact read my posts and check back, I want to thank you.

I’m challenging you, my reader, to try something new today.



One thought on “Why I Started A Blog

  1. Hi Shelby: I just read your blog and loved it. I think it is a wonderful idea. You have always been and still are a very thoughtful and creative young woman. I look forward to reading about your thoughts, new things learned and hearing your ideas. I know you will do well.


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