Spruce Up For Spring !

Lets get out of hibernation and kiss those winter blues goodbye!

It’s a new year and maybe you want to freshen up your decor or get inspired by some new ideas. Spring is the perfect time to redecorate as the season offers beautiful lush colours and inviting textures.

Below are three trends that we will see this Spring and ways to style them while decorating. 



When someone says springtime, I immediately think of the blooming of flowers.Why not take inspiration from the garden and bring them indoors! Try incorporating them inside whether they are fresh or artificial flowers.

Use them in unexpected ways like gathering a bouquet and placing them in a pitcher. Taking it to the next level and using them even as a table runner! Buying artificial arrangements that are already potted make great center pieces as well.



Trays can be very versatile when it comes to decorating. They can be used as a piece of decor, as well as, being functional at the same time.

Use trays in unexpected ways, such as using it as a tabletop on top of an ottoman. Take a more decorative tray and use it as a piece of art on the wall or even as a shelf.

Create a decorative niche by placing the tray with coordinating accents. Try grouping decorative pieces like vases, candles, flower arrangements, lanterns or even books on the tray. The more creative you are with the arrangement the more chances you’ll have it looking like it came from Style At Home magazine!



For decor that instantly transforms your home try adding pillows! Nothing is more soft and inviting as pillows thrown across a comfy couch or on your bed.

Play your pillows off of colours and patterns that surround them in the specific room you are decorating. Swap them out depending on the season or for a new splash of colour.

Decorators tip! Go for odd numbers like 3 or 5 rather than the traditional pairing of 2. Also play around with shape and sizing, a few bigger pillows look cleaner rather than a jumble of smaller ones.

Start Spring off right by using some of these ideas and putting together unique combinations. Don’t be afraid to try something different today!

See ya Winter & Hello Spring!

Have a question about where I bought anything? Feel free to ask me!

*All photos have been photographed by myself and belong to me*


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