Makeup Storage

It’s no secret, I am a full-blown makeup addict and have no shame about it. Although, this does come with the responsibility of keeping it all organized. (At least if you’re anything like me, you’ll be a total neat freak about it)

To me, makeup is just another form of art and I truly think that’s why I have a passion for it. Which leads me into a question for you. If makeup is a form of art, why not display it like artwork?

If you’re a true makeup junkie, you know exactly how some brands have beautiful packaging. It would be a total waste not to display some of the more elaborate pieces in your collection.

Below, I am sharing with you some creative/practical ways to display and store your makeup.

Acrylic Drawers

You can honestly buy this type of storage solution anywhere nowadays. Made of durable acrylic that will be sure to keep your makeup safe and sound. Since the acrylic is transparent, you’ll be able to view your items with ease from all angles.

Acrylic/Plastic Trays

Don’t want to have everything displayed? Or maybe you’re the type of person who likes things kept tidy and in drawers? If so, acrylic trays are for you!

These are so practical as most of them are small enough to fit neatly inside of desk drawers. These come in many different styles and sizes as well, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you!

I tend to use these trays as categories for my makeup while still keeping everything neat and separated. For example, I have a tray for all my lip liners, face powders, primers, single eyeshadow’s and so on.

By doing so, I know exactly where everything is, while still having it look organized.

Cosmetic Organizers

You can find true cosmetic organizers for specific types of makeup. These are also usually made of a durable, transparent acrylic. These are perfect for keeping your makeup organized, while still having them nicely on display.

These types of organizers are usually found in department stores and are makeup specific. You can find some that hold lipsticks, nail polishes, single eyeshadows or even a combination of all.


Get Creative!

Consider using unexpected items in and around your household!

Take a cute coffee mug and use it to hold things like lip liners, glosses or even makeup brushes.

I use the IKEA Skurar flower pots to store and hold all of my makeup brushes. It keeps them all upright and organized while still looking pretty.

I use decorative boxes to hold a collection of a certain brand. For example, I store all of my Buxom lip glosses in a single box to keep them together. This way, they’re kept as a set and I can see all the colours I own at a single glance.

Finally, one of my most favourite pieces by far, is using a cake stand to display my perfumes. Something that is so simple but yet, makes the perfect statement piece in my room. You could also use the cake stand to display other products like makeup palettes or body creams. IMG_2996


Overall Storage

For the rest of my makeup that is not on display, I keep it stored in the Alex Drawer unit from IKEA. This is a 9 drawer unit, which means, plenty of storage on minimum floor space.

Remember to have fun with this! Get creative and try thinking outside of the box. Please share your ideas down below, I’d love to hear them!

If you’re looking to buy any of the storage solutions I mentioned above, check below for details.

Acrylic Drawers: I found mine at Homesense for $24.99 a piece

Acrylic/Plastic Trays: I found both the acrylic and plastic trays from my local dollar store

*Homesense does sell some higher quality ones

Cosmetic Organizers: Homesense, Solutions, Bed, Bath & Beyond *Prices will vary depending on where you buy it from/size of the organizer

IKEA Skurar Flower Pot: $5.99 each Available online & in store

Decorative Boxes: Homesense, Winners, Urban Barn, Micheals. Prices range depending on size.

Cake Stand: Bought from Homesene for $16.99

Alex Drawers: IKEA, $149.99 *Available in white or black

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