Disappointing Beauty Products

 Let’s face it, not every purchase is justified and not every buy ends up being worth the money. With that in mind, I want to talk about some beauty products that I have purchased but in the end just didn’t work for me.

Please keep in mind that just because these products didn’t work out for me, doesn’t mean that they won’t work for you!

Also, I am not trying to offend anyone if the products I talk about below are something you love and use. We all have different views and opinions on products that work best for our skin types and preferences.

So without further ado, here are some products that were a let down!

Jergens- Natural Glow Moisturizer & Gradual Tanner (Medium to Tan)


This daily moisturizer with black tea, creates a gradual tan without streaks or sunless tanner odour. Vitamin enriched formula enhances golden tones while promoting healthy-looking skin.  

Why it was Disappointing

For starters, I have very very dry skin but was impressed with how hydrating this moisturizer was. It wasn’t until day 3 when I finally starting seeing a nice, even gradual tan. By then end of the first week from using this product I started noticing how orange my arms and chest was looking. I got the colour medium to tan, but wasn’t expecting it to be so orange looking. Not to mention, how patchy the skin on my arms was looking (totally not a cute look). 

I stopped using this product after the first week. Once I stopped applying the product I noticed how fast the “tan” was fading (which isn’t surprising as it isn’t a true self tanner). So to say the least, I was not impressed. 


Forever 21- Teardrop Makeup Sponge


A teardrop-shaped makeup sponge made for blending and contouring. 

Why it was Disappointing

I expect two things from a beauty blender. One, being that it obviously does it’s job properly and two, that it is soft on the face. Well, this product did neither of those two things to say the least. 

I first want to point out that typically a beauty blender grows in size, once it has been dampened. This sponge however remained the same size after being completely soaked in water. Secondly, once I applied the product to my face and was ready to start blending, I was shocked with how hard the sponge was. The sponge was super firm (felt like a rock to be completely honest) which made it very difficult to blend out my makeup. 

I do not recommend this makeup sponge at all! I love using the Real Techniques-Miracle Complexion Sponge and would highly recommend using it. 


ELF- HD Mattifying Balm


Minimizes the appearance of pores, mattifies the skin, and absorbs excess oil for a shine-free, flawless look. Can be used before applying makeup or overtop throughout the day for touch-ups.

Why it was Disappointing

Like I had mentioned above, my skin is very dry all year around, so my face doesn’t typically get very oily. Although during the warmer months, my t-zone can sometimes get a little shiny (and not in the nice highlight type of way).

I applied this product over top of my makeup as a quick touch-up and in hopes of removing some shine. While applying the product to my face I quickly noticed how it was causing my makeup to separate and look blotchy. I gave this product a fair try in hopes that it would work its magic-although it did not.

I am really glad that this product was only $10 as I was not impressed with it. 

*The past few days I have been using this as more of a pore filling primer, and have been impressed. I think using the product this way gets you better results. 


*You can see how clumpy this product is in the swatch above

NYX- The Skinny Mascara


The ultra-skinny mascara brush is perfect for coating hard to reach lashes from root to the bottom lash line. The water-resistant formula and micro brush work together to create the appearance of long beautifully defined lashes.

Why it was Disappointing

For being a water-resistant formula, this product smudges quite a bit, especially on my bottom lashes. I found that this mascara would give my lashes a ‘spidery’ effect, which I don’t personally enjoy. I also found that this product would make my lashes stick together, instead of defining and separating them.

* I really enjoy using the small, defined brush for applying the product, I just wish the formula was a bit better! 

** Sorry, I ended up throwing this product away after it being expired so I don’t have a picture to show

The Balm Cosmetics- Cindy-Lou Manizer


The light-reflecting peachy pink hue adds a splash of colour to your cheeks and a hint of shimmer to your lids, while illuminating your finest features.

Why it was Disappointing

I found this highlight to be to pink for my skin tone and didn’t find it flattering. I also thought this product had too much glitter in it for it to look natural on the skin. 

*The formula of this product is super creamy and blendable, I just prefer a more champagne colour of highlight on myself. 


Hopefully some of these reviews were useful and will make you consider some of the product flaws!

Let me know down below if there is any beauty products that you would like me to review and try! 

Until next time beauties,


Shels Rae.png


For all my Canadian readers, be on the lookout for both GlamGlow products and Ardell lashes at your local Winners. I found some of their products at my local Winners the other day!



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