13 Reasons Why Challenge

Happy Sunday! 

I am thrilled to be taking part in the #13ReasonsWhyI’mHappy Challenge to celebrate the things that makes us happy! I think by participating in this challenge we are giving positive feedback on this controversial TV Show. 

I nominate all my amazing followers to take part in this 13 Reasons Why Challenge. Simply list 13 things/items that make you happy!

So without further do,

  1. My Parents/Grandparents – Honestly, these loving people are the reason why I’m the person I am today. They all have given me so much guidance that they obviously had to be #1 on my list.
  2. My Brothers – my two best friends that I am so lucky to call my brothers. Although I am the oldest, they still act like my “big brothers” and I know they will always have my back. 
  3. My Dog (Bandit) – My little puppers always brings me joy and makes me smile. He’s my little personal cuddle buddy.
  4. Music – Music in general just makes me happy! Especially when it’s a good tune, you’ll probably find me singing and dancing around.
  5. Makeup – Anything related to beauty gets me excited. I love experimenting with different brands and products to share with you beauties! 
  6. Reading – I am always lost in a book. I always have a book on the go and have loved reading ever since I was little. Check out my 2017 Book Challenge for some great reads/recommendations 
  7. My Friends – Who else would I share my funny, embarrassing stories with or go on adventures with?! I know I can always count on my friends being there for me when I need them most. 
  8. Blogging – I started my blog up back in January and I am so glad I did. It’s an outlet for me where I can come and express the things I love. I have also met so many friendly followers that I am so grateful to have. 
  9. Sunshine – Something about the sun shining and feeling the warmth on my skin makes me feel really good. 
  10. Fishing/Outdoors – Being outside whether its fishing, reading, on the beach or out for a walk will always make me happy. It’s a place where I can go to clear my mind and do something I love.
  11. Travelling – I haven’t done any travelling in the past few years but when I do it really brings me joy and excitement! My dream is to travel around Europe one day.
  12. Flowers – Something about flowers in general makes me cheerful. When I have own my own house it will be filled with fresh flowers.
  13. Relationships – Having a special someone who you know you can turn to and rely on is very comforting to me. Also, having someone who you can share all your experiences and special moments with makes my heart happy.

I really enjoyed reflecting back on the things that truly make me happy. Writing this made me realize that most things in my life that make me happy are very simple but significant.

I really encourage you beauties to take part in this tag as it’s a true eye-opener. Don’t forget to use the #13reasonswhyimhappy so we can spread this challenge around!

Thanks for reading lovelies!


Shels Rae




7 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why Challenge

  1. I would love to make fishing my thing. Me on a little boat, with a boombox and a sun hat just sitting there for a whole day, fishing nothing.
    Thank you for participating, sorry it took so long for me to find your post.

    Liked by 1 person

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