Benefit: Hoola Contour Stick Review

One of the internet’s most searched bronzers just got a sister. The Benefit Cosmetics “Hoola” line just launched the all new Hoola contouring stick a few months ago. I am here to share my review with you beauties today!

Benefit Cosmetics – Hoola Cream-to-Powder Quickie Contour Stick


This is a soft bronze, cream-to-powder contouring stick that can be layered with a bronzing powder over top. This product lets you achieve a sculpted look with just a few strokes! 

The dome shape tip ensures a smooth, targeted application every time and the long wearing formula will keep you looking gorgeously contoured.


The box that the contour stick comes in is absolutely adorable and captures the overall theme so well. 

The contour stick itself is no different in design. In it’s gold, sleek packaging making it very comfortable to hold and use. 

My overall impression with the packaging is an A+. 


The Deets

This cream glides on like butter, but when you blend it in with your fingers or a makeup applicator it transforms into a non-drying powder. You can easily achieve defined cheekbones and nose with the easy dome-shaped tip.

With its long wearing formula, you will be looking sun-kissed all day!

Being a non-liquid and being secured in a tube, this product is super easy to travel with or throw through in your purse when on the go.

Being a cream base this is more buildable than powder, ultimately you end up using less product than you would with a powdered bronzer. 

Price – $38.00 Canadian 


Pair it With

If you want to set the cream contour with a powdered bronzer, I highly recommend the Benefit Do The Hoola Boxed Bronzer!

Also for a gorgeous highlight try the Benefit Cosmetics Watts Up! cream-to-powder highlighter. You’ll be looking luminous in this champagne finish and it’s soft focus effect.

Overall Rating

– ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

This has quickly become my go to product for bronzing up my face! It’s super easy to use and takes no time to blend. 

Let me know down below if you’ve tried this contour stick before! Also, what are your must have products from Benefit Cosmetics?!

Until next time beauties,


Shels Rae


14 thoughts on “Benefit: Hoola Contour Stick Review

  1. I love benefit and I own their hoola contour box/palette thing! I am obsessed with it, and I have a feeling that I would love that stick too, I need to give it a try!! Loved your review xx

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