50 Facts About Me

I am here to share with you beauties today “50 Facts about Me” as I have reached over 50 followers here on my blog!

I am so happy that you have decided to follow me along my blogging journey and continuing to check back here on True Bliss. You all are so special to me, so thank you for your continuous support! 

So without further ado, 

  1. I’ve been given several nicknames (Shels, Shelbs, Shey)
  2. I am a proud Canadian 
  3. I graduated with a diploma in Interior Decorating 
  4. I am 22 years old young and only 5′ 2″
  5. I am a Design Consultant (More specifically a Kitchen Designer)
  6. I love, love, love country music
  7. My favourite Youtuber is KathleenLights 
  8. I’m attracted to anything with glitter
  9. Growing up I dreamed about becoming a Kindergarten teacher
  10. I wear glasses as I have terrible eyesight 
  11. I really want to get a tattoo but am also scared at the same time hahah 
  12. I have a 12 year old puppy who melts my heart every single day
  13. I have an obsession with all things beauty related 
  14. I am a very impatient person 
  15. I still have the same best friend since grade 1
  16. I’ll do anything for chocolate, but I don’t like chocolate milk or hot chocolate (I know it’s weird right? haha)
  17. I am the oldest of 3 kids
  18. Growing up I used to be very shy, but I’m the complete opposite now
  19. My favourite Holiday is Christmas
  20. I am very close with my family 
  21. I love hockey & baseball 
  22. My younger brothers are identical twins!
  23. I love wearing baseball caps 
  24. Summertime is my favourite season 
  25. I love watching Disney Movies
  26. I work with one of my best friends
  27. I always have a book on the go
  28. I am an Aquarius, therefore very creative
  29. I would love to take a creative writing class 
  30. I sneeze in 3’s
  31. I am very personable 
  32. I love white wine
  33. I shop way too often lol
  34. My dream is to travel around Europe 
  35. I tan very easily 
  36. I apply a face mask at least twice a week (They’re one of my favourite skincare things to do!)
  37. I love taking long, relaxing bubble baths
  38. I love to fish and just be outdoors in general
  39. I have a fear of birds
  40. I’m a hopeless romantic 
  41. I am constantly making “to-do” lists
  42. I tend to overthink everything
  43. I have read every Nicholas Sparks novel written
  44. I overuse Emojis 
  45. I wear a ring that was given to me by my grandparents and have wore it everyday since I was 10 
  46. I adore flowers, specifically Peonies, Magnolia’s and Gerber Daisies
  47. I have a serious fear of thunderstorms
  48. I weep at movies, books, news, commercials, anything that gets slightly emotional 
  49. I like to think that coincidences have a special meaning
  50. When I’m in love, oh darling, I’m all in, heart and soul

Thank you guys for reading this! I appreciate and I am so grateful for each and every one of you. 

If you haven’t done this challenge yet then I am tagging you to give it a shot! 

Until next time beauties,


Shels Rae


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