Essence Collection Review

Hello Beauties!

Essence is an affordable, fun, and high quality brand that has developed into the serious world of cosmetics.

This brand of makeup is extremely inexpensive yet delivers such high quality products! Over the past two years I have really explored this brand and even have recommended them to many friends.

Since I own and have tried many products from this awesome brand, I decided to do an Essence Brand review!

You can find Essence Cosmetics in Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws in Canada and in Ulta and Target in the United States.

Without further ado, lets dive into this collection!


Lipliners – Essence makes some of the most smoothest and creamy lipliners I have ever tried. I use these on the daily as they go with so many lipsticks that I own. Available in 6 different shades!

Retails for around $2.49 Canadian

Rating – ♡♡♡♡♡/5



Lipsticks – Essence has 3 different categories in which their lipsticks fall into. The ones I currently own fall into the Long Lasting Lipsticks except one which falls into their Nude line.

Long Lasting Lipstick Nudes – I own the colour 05 Cool Nude and this shade is probably my favourite out of all 5 I own. This colour has a strong mauve undertone with a hint of brown.

These are super creamy and hydrating but keep in mind this not matte whatsoever. The overall finish I would say is close to the MAC Cremesheen lipsticks. Available in 3 shades.

Long Lasting Lipsticks – These are rich and creamy lasting lipstick that are moisturizing with intense colour that lasts for hours. My collection for these lipsticks keep on growing as more colours are released as they’re amazing!

Available in 13 shades in both cream and matte finishes. All of the ones I own are the cream finish as I love how hydrating they are.

The only negative thing I would say is that since they’re so creamy, they do slide around on your lips if you don’t use a lipliner.

Retails for $3.49 Canadian

Rating – ♡♡♡♡/5



Lipgloss – Essence has two different lipgloss lines, one being their BB Beauty Balm Lipgloss and the second being XXXL Shine Lipgloss. I own one from each line and find them both to be great being from the drugstore!  

Essence – BB Beauty Balm Lipgloss

These glosses are enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E ingredients. With no stickiness to them, these are perfect for on the go! Available in 5 different shades.

Rating – ♡♡♡/5 


Essence – XXXL Shine Lipgloss

These lipglosses are also enriched with vitamins and shea butter to keep your lips from feeling dry. These are definitely an extra shiny type of lipgloss. Available in 12 glossy shades. 

The only con I have with this lip gloss is the amount of glitter infused into the product.

Rating – ♡♡♡/5



Eyeshadow – Essence has a variety of eyeshadow formulas from metals, velvets and just their regular eyeshadows. They also have a few different eyeshadow palettes that contain a mix of the eyeshadow formulas. I happen to own 1 single eyeshadow from the regular line. 

Essence- Eyeshadow in The Grammy Goes Glammy

This eyeshadow is highly pigmented and super blendable. With its shimmery finish is makes for a great inner corner highlight! Available in 12 different shades. 

Rating – ♡♡♡♡/5 



Highlighters Just about every cosmetic brand now has a highlight, even drugstore which is awesome! Essence is no different and has a few options for highlighter.

Essence – Pure NUDE Highlighter

OMG. If you have not tried this highlighter yet, then you need to go out and purchase it right away. This is in my opinion the best drugstore highlight I have ever tried. 

They call it “Nude” because it is so natural looking on the skin and gives you that perfect sun kissed glow. This is super creamy and might I add, NO GLITTER! I often take a big fluffy powder brush and dust this all over my face.

This is probably my favourite product from the whole Essence line. GO AND BUY THIS!

Rating – ♡♡♡♡♡/5


Essence – Light Up Your Face Luminizer

This is a beautiful highlighting trio from Essence. With three highlighting shades you can use them each individually or custom make a shade. 

I typically go for the more nude or golden shade in the palette. I don’t often reach for the middle pink shade, as I am just not a fan of pink highlights.

Beware that the pink and golden pans do have quite a bit of glitter infused into the shades.

Rating –♡♡♡/5



Essence – Strobing Highlighter

This was probably the biggest flop of a product out of the whole line for me. I found this product to be more like a face powder than a highlight. Reason being, the powder colouring and just how chalky the product ended up looking on my face. 

It also turned out to be very chunky while being applied.

Rating – ♡/5


Blush – Essence blushes are another hidden gem at the drugstore. Both lines of blushes are super creamy and blendable. They also last quite a while on the skin, which I find to be a major positive.

Essence – Satin Touch Blush


Silky Touch Blush (Could not find a link on their website)


Rating – ♡♡♡♡/5


Brow Gel 

Essence – Make Me Brow

This product is an exact dupe for the Benefit Gimme Brow! I have tried out both products before and cannot tell a difference between the two, other than the Essence one being half price of course. 

It has the perfect, tiny little spool at the end to provide precise application. It also has three shades to choose from. I highly recommend this product as well.

Rating – ♡♡♡♡♡/5


Nail Polish – Essence has the most amazing Gel nail polish I have tried and you do not need a special lamp for it to dry.

Essence – Gel Nail Polish

Super long wearing and does not chip easily, this stuff gets an A+ in my books! No DBP, toluene, or formaldehyde. Available in 34 shiny shades.

Rating –  ♡♡♡♡/5

Essence – Express Dry Nail Drops

I am not huge on painting my own nails or doing them at home. I usually find myself with the lack of patience of waiting for them to dry. This stuff however works AMAZINGLY!

The fast-drying formula includes vitamin E and almond oil to nourish nails and cuticles. Did I mention this stuff dries your nails in LESS than 60 seconds?! Yup, thats right. 

The formula tends to leave your fingertips a tad oily. I usually wait a few minutes for the product to dry, then rinse my hands.

Rating – ♡♡♡♡♡/5


Essence has become one of my favourite drugstore brands. They make such high quality products for an affordable cost, what’s not to love!?

Let me know down below if you have tried anything from the brand Essence or what your favourite product is from them!

Until next time beauties,


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  1. Great read. I am going to get some of the cream blush – have been looking for this for a while. Will check out some other products while I’m there. ❤️❤️

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