Guess My Makeup Tag!

Good Morning Beauties!

I thought I would share something fun with you gals & guys today! Meet my friend Brandon.


I sat him down and gave him the challenge to guess my makeup products! He had to guess what each item was/used for and had to take a guess at the price. I gathered up 10 products that I am currently using and let him guess away!

*Side note: He did way better than I thought he would and I was extremely impressed. He doesn’t really watch me get ready or anything so he was going in completely blind.

Maybelline- Age Rewind Concealer

His Guess: Looks like a little pipe…” “It’s a shade for your face, I’m guessing to cover spots”

His Price: $25.00

My Reaction: “Well that’s close enough”

Retail Price: $10.96 CAD


Benefit- Browvo! Conditioning Primer

His Guess: “It’s gotta be for your lips or for your eyebrows” “I’m going to go with brows. For outlining your brows!” “Looks like an eyebrow comb or to give your teeth a nice scrub.”

His Price: $20.00

My Reaction: “MY TEETH?!” LOL

Retail Price: $16.00 CAD (Travel Size)

PASS/FAIL *He guessed it was for my brows which was correct but he was slightly off with the purpose

Wet n Wild – MegaGlo Highlighting Powder

His Guess: “Hmmm some kind of powder but it looks like sand from the beach” “You apply it to your cheeks for some pazazz” 

His Price: $18.00

My Reaction: “OMG you’re spot on! Wait how did you know that ?!” LOL

Retail Price: $6.99 CAD

100% PASS

L’oreal – Lash Paradise Mascara

His Guess: “Oh this is for eyelashes to give you some nice wavy curls, give them some volume and to make them bigger”

His Price: $14.00

My Reaction: *Stares blankly at him in amazement*

Retail Price: $11.99 CAD

1000% PASS

Physicians Formula – Butter Bronzer

His Guess: “WTF, its a bronzer cause thats what it says” (CHEATER)  “I think its for skin application to give your skin/cheeks that glow that you’re looking for” (as he’s staring at himself in the compact mirror LOL)

His Price: $13.00

My Reaction: “I’m currently amazed”

Retail Price: $14.99 CAD


Revlon – Lash Curler

His Guess: “WTF is this?!”  “I think this is what the dentists use for a root canal, actually its for eyelashes, not for snipping off your fingernails”

His Price: $12.00

My Reaction: “HAHAHA PICK ONE!” *He picked correctly to say the least*

Retail Price: $8.99 CAD


ColourPop – Brow Pencil

His Guess: “WTF” (again lol) “It almost looks like a drill bit, or a pen”  “I think it’s for outlining your brows this time and to make you look fabulous”

His Price: $13.00

My Reaction: “Thanks babe and ya you’re right.. AGAIN”

Retail Price: $6.99 roughly CAD


Sephora – Colour Corrector

His Guess: “It’s eyeshadow… just kidding thats not my guess, its from Sephora so its probably expensive” “It looks like FunDip powder, but its not obviously edible. I think it’s eyeliner”

His Price: $24.00

My Reaction: “Well I’m definitely not eating this stuff hahaha! and not even close babe”

Retail Price: $18.00 CAD


Morphe – M200 Blending Brush

His Guess: “This is a paint brush to use as a face scratcher but also looks like a wizard wand” “You use it on your face to spread product around” “Probably around your eyes to blend product in” 

His Price: $8

My Reaction: “Wow…”

Retail Price: $6.99 roughly CAD


Buxom – Lip Cream

His Guess: “Can I open it?” (Smells it) “Smells like the Bahama Mamma frozen drink I ordered the other night”  “It’s a lip gloss-duh”

His Price: $14.00

My Reaction: “Are you sure you haven’t secretly been watching youtube videos?”

Retail Price: $24.00 CAD


This was so much fun to create! I can tell you that Brandon and I both had fun and a good laugh! Also, I was hella impressed with his answers! 

Let me know down below if there’s another boyfriend tag that we should do!

Until next time beauties,



& Brandon



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14 thoughts on “Guess My Makeup Tag!

  1. That was a great test you put Brandon through. I was very impressed with the knowledge he had about the prouducts, he also made me laugh with some of the guesses he provided. Thanks Shelby & Brandon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well I was pretty impressed with his answers. Are you sure Brandon wasn’t peeking when you were applying these products and how did he know about Sephora? I had lots of laughs reading this. Think I might make Papa do this make up test. LOL. Great Blog Shelby. 😍💞❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the idea of this post!! I am impressed with your boyfriends answers haha, I thought guys don’t know anything when it comes to makeup!! That benefit primer thing made me laugh haha something that goes to your teeth? So funny ☺️


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