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Today’s post is a little different than usual but I am a proud Canadian and want to share my love for my country!

I’ll be spending the long weekend by the beach with friends, sipping sangria poolside, awing at fireworks & a family BBQ on Monday! 

In honour of Canada Day I’ll be sharing some fun facts and information, so keep on reading!

Here a few DIY’s I did for the occasion! 

The 411 on Canada 

→ we are the second largest country in the world

→ we have 6 different time zones

→ largest supplier of oil

→ we have over 3000 lakes

→ second to Paris, Montreal Quebec is the largest speaking French city in the world

→ home to 15, 000 + polar bears 

→ our drinking age is 19

→ winters can be as cold as -40 C in some parts of the country

Canadian Slang

Eh (probably the most popular)

Sorry (It’s not slang but we really do say Sorry a lot, hahah) 

Loonie/Toonie (short form for our $1 and $2 coin)

Timmies (short form for Tim Hortons, our coffee shop found at every corner of Canada)

Double Double (slang used at Timmies when asking for a coffee with 2 sugars & 2 milks)

The 6 (refers to the city of Toronto)

Two-Four (a term used when buying a case of 24 bottles of beer)

Mickey (a 375 ml bottle of liquor) 

Canuck (nickname for a Canadian)

Pop (we don’t say soda)

Pencil Crayons (you Americans probably say “Coloured Pencils”)

Beaut/Beauty (an expression used for something/someone that was done well)

Bud (we basically call everyone bud)

How to be a Canadian

→ wear a toque (a knitted winter hat)

→ continuously say “sorry” “pardon?” and “eh”

→ our diet consists of: bacon, poutine, maple syrup, smarties, double doubles and ketchup chips

→ religiously watch “Hockey Night In Canada” every Saturday night

→ play the Don Cherry drinking game while watching “Hockey Night In Canada”

→ say “zed” instead of “zee” while singing the alphabet

→ spell colour with a “u”

→ make fun of Leaf fans 

→ buy your milk in 1 litre bags not gallons 

Canadian Versions of American Things


 Flag_of_Canada.svg  Flag_of_the_United_States.svg

Much Music




The Bay





New York


Kayne West

Mr. Sub




Kevin O’Leary

Donald Trump 

I hope you guys enjoyed learning a little bit about the Great North!

In the wise words of Tim Hicks, “You got stronger army down there, but, man, up here
We got stronger beer!”

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians! & Happy early Fourth of July to my American friends.

Until next time beauties,




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7 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA !

  1. Absolutely loved this Shelby. How about, London, our beautiful city, has the oldest baseball park in North America. A great post!🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

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