Beach Bag Essentials

Happy Monday beauties!

Whether you are heading out on a day trip to the beach this summer or lucky enough to live or work oceanside, a properly packed bag is key to maximizing your time in the sun!

Below are my top 12 beach bag must haves … 

1. The bag

Obviously you don’t wanna be lugging around all these items by hand, so this is where a cute beach bag comes in handy!

I prefer to use an oversized tote that I know can hold a lot. Also, keep in mind that this bag will get sandy and potentially wet. 

I got this tan leather tote from Zara a few years ago. 


2. Cute Towel

No one wants to lay out on the hot sand all day, so having a cute beach towel is a must! Consider bringing a second towel that you can use to dry off if you plan on swimming.

3. Sunscreen

Going to the beach without wearing sunscreen will be the worst decision you’ll make. Guarantee. 

According to, 80% of skin cancer is found on the nose, so don’t forget to apply to this sensitive sunburn spot while lathering up.

4. Sunnies

While spending any time outdoors I always try to remember to bring my sunglasses. Typically, when I go to the beach I bring an inexpensive pair as I don’t want them to get scratched or left behind.

I got these cute aviators from Forever 21 last summer.


5. Hat

The more protection you have from the sun the better! 

A hat will help shade your face, head and neck from the harmful UV Rays.

I have very dark hair, I find that my head heats up way faster than anyone else so a hat is also a necessity. 

Get my Keds baseball cap here

6. SPF Lip Balm

I bet you didn’t know that even your lips can get burnt from the sun!

Try using a lip balm that has at least 15 SPF count to keep those smackers nice and hydrated!

I use the Sun Bum lip balm that actually has an SPF count of 30! It smells like grapefruit and is super hydrating. 


7. Bluetooth Speaker

Nothings better than laying out in the sun with your toes in the sand and listening to your favourite tunes! 

Consider bringing a bluetooth speaker so you and your friends can have an oceanside dance party!

8. Reading Material

Keep your mind busy while laying in the sun and catch up on some reading. I usually bring along whatever book I am currently reading or magazines to do the job!

If you need some good recommendations on what to read next, check out my 2017 Book Challenge !

9. Portable Charger 

While jamming out to your favourite beach tunes your phone might be running low on juice. Consider picking up a small portable charger that you can use when your phone gets low!

10. Wristlet

Something that we might not think about, but is essential for holding things like cash, car keys etc. 

Consider using an old Ipsy bag to hold your other items like sunscreen, lip balm and charger!


11. Facial Spray

I recently went to the beach and I brought along my Evian Mineral Facial Spray and I am so glad I did. 

This stuff is so refreshing on the skin, removes perspiration and even helps soothe sunburns! Definitely my go to product for the summer!

12. Makeup Wipes

I typically don’t wear makeup when I go to the beach other than some mascara. I usually bring some makeup wipes though to cleanse my face from sweat and sand. 

It just helps me feel a little more fresh and clean!

These are my beach bag approved items! What else do you take with you to the beach? Be sure to let me know down below!

Until next time beauties,


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10 thoughts on “Beach Bag Essentials

  1. This is an excellent beach list! I definitely have to have an oversized tote…for pretty much any bag and any occasion! lol. SPF is a MUST; I use straight Zinc Oxide on my face and most of my body. I’m allergic to most sunscreens but I find that this doesn’t irritate my skin and it keeps me from being burnt to a crisp! I always bring a towel, lip balm, sunnies, a hat, sandals and a football. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m the same way! My everyday ‘purse’ is more like a bag lol! I’m glad you found something to substitute the sunscreen! A football is another great idea! Thank you so much for reading! xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome list full of all my necessities, plus a few! I’ve never thought to bring a facial spray before, but I think that’s such a great idea for the soothing feel. I’ve also never thought to to bring makeup wipes (as I usually only wear mascara as well) but to have them to wipe off sweat and sand is awesome especially if you’re not headed straight home after!

    Liked by 1 person

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