Book Challenge 2017: UPDATE



Beauties!! I have reached my goal of reading 15 books and it’s only halfway through the year! I am super proud and will be continuing reading throughout the rest of the year.

Below are the books I have read so far and my rating of each one. Definitely check them out and feel free to leave me recommendations down below!

I believe reading a book gives us a place to go when we have to stay where we are. 

This year I am challenging myself to read 15 books. Yes, I said 15 books that was not a typo. 

I have always been an avid reader but I have never read 15 books over a course of a year. By breaking it down its reading just over a book a month. It really doesn’t sound that hard when you think of it like that right? (Okay, yes it does lol)

Over the course of the year I will update this post with the books I have finished. I will also give the book a rating of 1-5 stars depending on how much I enjoyed it. 

I challenge you to try this and let me know down below your goal number! 


Two By Two-Nicholas Sparks    ★★★ /5 

-I was disappointed in this one by Sparks, the storyline I felt was dragged out.


15th Affair-Women’s Murder Mystery Club Series-James Patterson     ★★★★★ /5

-As usual this series did not let me down, Patterson keeps you guessing the entire time. Cannot wait for book 16



What She Knew– Gilly Macmillan     ★★★★/5

-Great motherhood storyline as she goes through all depths to find her son


All The Missing Girls– Megan Miranda     ★★★★★/5

-I could not put this book down!



The Women In Cabin 10… – Ruth Ware    ★★★/5

-suspenseful up to the very end


Everything, EverythingNicola Yoon     ★★★/5

-I was a little bit disappointed with this book, hopefully the movie is a lot better


15 Dogs– Andre Alexis     ★★★/5

 -Great read for dog/Greek mythology lovers


The Best Kind Of People Zoe Whittall     ★★★★★/5

-Great family based story and how much of a fight families put up to stay together 



Something BorrowedEmily Giffin     ★★★/5

-Your typical love/romance story.


The Forgetting Time Sharon Guskin       ★★★★/5     

-The concept of the book caught my attention immediately and the execution of the story did not disappoint



The Couple Next Door- Shari Lapena      ★★★★★/5

-Kept me guessing the entire time and I was shocked when the abductor was revealed


Skin A.M.Vrettos    ★★★★/5

-Great story based on living with someone with an eating disorder and the difficulties they go through as well as a great sister/brother storyline


Smash Cut – Sandra Brown    ★★★★/5

-Great thriller/murder mystery



After Anna – Alex Lake     ★★★★★/5

-Great read as the storyline intenses after Anna is returned from her kidnapper


Into The Water – Paula Hawkins    ★★★★/5

-Small town people & the secrets they’re willing to hide to keep families together



The Perfect Stranger – Megan Miranda     ★★★★★/5

-Faced paced and frightening, you’ll definitely be surprised with the ending


Behind Closed Doors – B.A. Paris           ★★★★★ /5

-Face paced thriller that I could not put down. I wish this was a movie!




Gone Without A Trace Mary Torjussen        ★★★/5


The Breakdown – B.A. Paris         ★★★★/5

-A great phycological thriller that kept me guessing till the very end and all my guesses were wrong!



Truly Madly Guilty – Liane Moriarty      ★★★★ /5 

– Quite a slow start but picked up. I enjoyed how the story was written from past to present!


I Found You – Lisa Jewell      ★★★★★/5 

– Loved this book! A great read where there are several storylines to follow but in the end they all end up connecting. 



Adultolescence – Gabbie Hanna          ★★★★/5

– A great, quick read with tons of funny, relatable poems about growing up and being an adult.


A Stranger In The House – Shari Lapena   ★★★★/5

-This highly suspenseful, twists with every turn of the page, will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time!

a stranger.jpg

Something Blue – Emily Giffin    ★★★/5

something blue


All The Way Down – John Green   ★★★★★/5



I’ll Give You The Sun – Jandy Nelson




What are you currently reading ? 

Until next time beauties,




10 thoughts on “Book Challenge 2017: UPDATE

      • Haha – I have brought up 12 books in the last week and I already have a pile of about 10 too read! I just can’t help myself!!! There are so many good crime/thrillers out though & I love those! I read Blood Sisters yesterday and that was brill, such a page turner!xx

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      • It’s almost like an addiction to be honest! I have a pile of around 10 books as well to read but every time I go out, I always seem to come back with more books! Crime/Thrillers are probably my favourite genre to read, and I shall have to check Blood Sisters out! Thanks for the recommendation girly! xo

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  1. I too have surpassed my goal and am now reading book number 12. My favourite Crime/Thriller authors are James Patterson and Sandra Brown. Their books are amazing. It is so true that “reading a book gives us a place to go when we have to stay where we are”. Love that saying. 😍❤️ Another great post Shelby.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t believe how many books you have read in little bit over half a year, I am so jealous of your motivation! I have wanted to read Something Borrowed for a while now because I am sucker for romance/love story books! I am currently reading abundance of katherines by john green and I must say that I am little disappointed with it! Great post xx

    Liked by 1 person

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