If We Were Having Coffee..

Hello Beauties!

I’ve seen this post floating around the blogging community and thought it was very creative. It’s basically a post of conversation topics that I would be sharing with you if we were sitting drinking our coffees together.

If we were having coffee together, we would be sitting in a local cafe in the heart of downtown. I’d be drinking a strong black coffee with 2 sugars and would most likely pickup something sweet to eat. What would you be drinking?

If we were having coffee I would tell you…

Coffee Chat

I’d talk about how work is going – Recently work has been super busy, which is great. I work at a Kitchen company where I design kitchens/bathrooms/anything else with custom cabinetry. Recently, my boss bought me a second licence for the architect program we use to design the kitchens, so I now have it on my own work computer! Yay! We are all booked up for summer installations already, so our design team is going to be super busy!

I’d talk about my blog – I started my blog in January of 2017 and cannot believe how far it’s come already. I recently hit my first huge milestone of 200 followers and could not believe it. I enjoy writing and making content for you beauties so much and I am only going to work harder! I’ve gotten to know so many of you on a personal level already and the support I get back from you gals is overwhelming (in a good way of course!). 

I’d talk about my summer – I created a Summer Bucket list to inspire myself to try new, exciting things over the next few months. I have challenged myself to try as many new activities this summer and I am proud to say I already have been able to cross a few out! I cannot wait to see what the next adventure will hold. 

I’d talk about my goals – I have recently set myself a few personal goals to achieve. The first being to eat healthier. Which in fact the past month I have been doing really well with doing so. I’ve cut out a lot of junk food and sweets (the lack of sweets is so hard though!) but so far I’m happy with my results.

Second goal being to slowly cut out dairy out of my diet. I have discovered that I am lactose intolerant which totally sucks. So I have been cutting out certain dairy products and switching to lactose free! 

Third goal I had set for myself is to just be outdoors more! With the warmer weather approaching I am finding myself wanting to be outside more and more. I have already been to the beach several times, gone fishing and have even sat outside on my patio and worked away on my blog!

I would of course ask about you – How have you been? Has anything exciting happen to you recently? What are your goals for your blog? Planning any trips for the summer?

I think this post idea is super cute and creative, I will definitely doing a part II soon! 

Let me know down below how you’ve been doing! 

Until next time beauties,




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29 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee..

  1. This is so fun and creative. Believe it or not I would have a Coca-Cola to drink; I know that’s awful, but I don’t really drink a ton of coffee…unless it’s drowned with creamer 🙂 I would talk about work, my blogging journey and where I hope to take this little blog of mine! xoxo

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  2. So lovely to have coffee with you hehe. Currently, I’m drinking a breakfast blend with almond milk creamer. I’m here to tell you that being dairy-free isn’t so bad! Especially when it effects your body. I found it hard at first, but now my body feels SO much better. Have a lovely day! xx.

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  3. your job sounds so cool & creative! I totally feel the same way in the summer, gotta get outside & do stuff, enjoy the beautiful weather 🙌🏻 love this post & it’s still so funny that I posted a ‘if we were having coffee’ today too 😂

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    • It definitely is a job where it’s something new everyday! Summertime calls for being outside and enjoying the weather without a doubt! Great minds think alike girl 🙌🏻😂 Can’t wait to read yours!

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  4. I love these posts!! I’d love to have a coffee with you and get to know you. I’d likely have a chai tea lattes actually. And I’d likely talk your ear off about grad school! Your job sounds really interesting. I’d totally ask you for a million stories about it!

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