Under Eye Care Routine

Happy Saturday Beauties!

By now, all of us ‘beauty junkies’ have a set or seasonal skincare routine that we treat with high demands. Although, our under eye area is easily forgotten as it’s not often discussed. 

Taking care of our under eye area should become a crucial part of your skincare routine. The skin under our eyes is so delicate that it is prone to dehydration and is often the first area to show signs of aging on the skin. What your under eye area is prone to:

  • dryness
  • puffiness
  • dark circles
  • fine lines
  • wrinkles


Eye Creams & Treatments

The delicate area around your eyes requires special care, so investing in specially-designed eye creams, serums and gels will keep your eyes hydrated and healthy. 

Below are the products I currently use for my under eye routine.

Eye Roll-On

Simple Skincare – Revitalizing Eye Roll-On (Now Discontinued)

This daily hydrating eye roll-on helps treat my dark circles and reduces puffiness. The cooling sensation of this product is what helps treat the puffiness under your eyes.

I gentle pat the excess serum with my ring finger into the skin. I tend to use this product more at night after applying my facial moisturizer. 


Yes to-Carrots – Moisturizing Eye Cream

This Yes to product contains a blend of nourishing veggie extracts with other skin loving ingredients to help soften, hydrate and moisturize skin. 

Contains 95% natural ingredients and made without parabens. This line from Yes To is perfect for normal to dry skin types. 

Use daily and apply lightly to eye contours.


Find it here.

Do you have an under eye care routine? If so, what products do you currently use or recommend? 

Until next time beauties,




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    • I know! I was pretty upset when I couldn’t find it on their website anymore because I love it. You definitely should give them a try! They have many different lines for different skincare types & needs! xo

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