Thoughts From My Bathtub

Hey Beauties,

We all can confess to doing our most ‘deep thinking’ while being in the shower, well for me it’s the bathtub. While debating on where you’re ordering takeout from or deciding on which episode of Friends you’re going to rewatch for the 100th time, other thoughts may include:

  • Where isn’t Waldo?
  • Why call it a bathing suit when we bathe naked?
  • We have police dogs but no police cats
  • Why call it a donut if there’s no nuts?
  • Why do the bubbles all form on one side of the bathtub?
  • There is no way that both Chandler & Monica could have fit into a regular sized bathtub at the same time in that one episode of Friends.. 
  • Why did the chicken cross the road?
  • We have big toes and little toes but what about the other three?
  • Why hasn’t Netflix made a ‘binge watch’ button yet?
  • I bet body wash and shampoo are the same thing
  • We know what Old McDonald had on his farm but I wonder where it is
  • When going for a jog, we dress accordingly so people don’t assume we’re running from something
  • Doctors hope we get sick
  • RIP to all the bobby pins I’ve lost
  • & welcome back to all the hair elastics I’ve regained 


Or maybe these are just some of my crazy thoughts. Where do you do your most deep thinking at?

Until next time beauties,






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