Back To School Must Haves

Hey beauties!

Over the course of the next few weeks, every Monday I will be posting content relating to Back To School. Whether you’re heading back to highschool, college or university, I am positive these posts will be useful!

With school only being a few weeks away, you may be starting your back to school supply shopping soon. I am here to share with you the items I would always have on deck for heading back to school.

Backpack or Tote

  • Depending on how much you need to carry to school on a daily basis, a backpack or tote is a must. 


Note Taking

  • Notepads, pens, pencils and highlighters are just some essentials in order to take good notes.
  • Whiteout, rulers and gel pens were a few other BTS staples.



  • Binders to keep your notes and handouts neat and in one place.
  • Calendar and a planner to keep yourself, homework and assignments in check.
  • Pencil Case, because you don’t want to be that person digging through their bag in order to find something to write with.



  • Laptop/Tablet, all throughout college my laptop or tablet was an everyday necessity as I used it for note taking and presentations.
  • Headphones to use while working on assignments or walking around campus.
  • USB Drive, this was a huge one for me in college. It carried around more than half my projects and assignments.
  • Phone Charger, some days I was at school for 8+ hours so a charger was well needed.



  • Water bottle/Mug, for those early morning classes that called for coffee.
  • Wallet that held my student ID, cash and bus pass.
  • Emergency Kit that held items like tampons, lip balm, tissues, makeup wipes, and bobby pins. 


What was an item that you could not leave the house without before heading to school?

Be sure to be on the lookout for next weeks Back To School post!

Until next time beauties,





28 thoughts on “Back To School Must Haves

  1. Thanks for sharing the essentials! I usually forget what to prepare for school hahah and i’ll just end up buying the necessities when classes have already started and I realized i needed these things! Oh, and I usually also bring some basic cosmetics like face powder, lipstick, perfume, and hairbrush 🙂

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  2. What are your thoughts on using an iPad vs a laptop for note taking in class? I have a macbook pro but I’ve been debating getting an iPad for school since my laptop is so heavy and takes up so much space in my bag!

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    • I think the emergency kit is something all us gals need to carry around! It definitely has come in handy not only for myself but for friends as well! The agenda book is by ~ hope that helps! xo


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