Back To School: Organization

Hey Beauties!

Welcome back to week two’s post of my Back To School Series! This week we are talking Organization.

As an organized person, I will never understand disorganized people. Who are you? What is your life? And most importantly WHY?!

As an organized person I like things a certain way. I am hyper-aware of all my belongings and everything I own has a specific spot. I always know where my keys are and I will forever put away my laundry as soon as it’s done.

I secretly get overjoyed when walking down the home organizational isles. Not to mention my love for the Container store. 

Write Things Down

  • Use paper, your phone or computer. It helps you focus and “declutter” your mind. It can help you plan ahead and prevents you from feeling overwhelmed.

Make Schedules & Set Deadlines

  • Use a calendar or plannerIt will help you establish a timeframe and being able to focus on each task and goal.

Do It Now

Again, pretty easy.

  • Do things as soon as you can or while you are motivated and don’t put things off.

Put Things In Their Place

  • This will save you time and energy as you won’t be constantly searching for things.

Keep Clutter To A Minimum

  • Don’t let things pile up. Having stacks and piles of things everywhere will only make you feel overwhelmed. 

List Your Priorities Everyday

  • Write a ‘To Do’ list and check things off as you complete them. It begins to feel good as you continue to check things off. You’ll begin to feel very accomplished.

Plan Ahead

  • Plan your meals, outfits, activities and school work all ahead of time. You will thank yourself later after saving time and energy.

What do you do to keep yourself organized, whether you’re in school or just in general?

Until next time beauties,



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19 thoughts on “Back To School: Organization

  1. I usually fail in the “Put things in their place” area because I constantly misplace stuff! And you’re right, it’ll save me much time if i return them to their original places. It’s so frustrating to look for items you misplaced– i really hate when that happens. That’s why if i have super powers, i’d like to have a power that can enable me to locate things 😂

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  2. I paid $26 dollars for my agenda but I don’t regret a cent. It is my life! A key thing for me is cleaning out my locker often or else I would get overwhelmed. College is hard enough as is, there is no need for more mess😂

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