Paper & Office Affair

Hello Beauties!

I honestly get way too excited when walking into an office supply store. Going back to school shopping was considered fun to me growing up. I always get suckered into the cute pattern notebooks, anything foiled in gold and don’t get me started on washi tape.

This post is dedicated to all the stationary and office supply lovers out there.

Notebook Overload

  • Cute patterns, pretty solid colours, quotes and let’s not forget about marble, instantly draw me in.
  • I tend to be inspired to write more often if it means writing in an adorable notebook.





  • I fell in love with this watercolour and foiled gold Calendar as each month presents a new watercolour.
  • Use daily to plan & schedule my blog posts and other important dates. 

IMG_4139 2

Stamps & Cards

  • I still believe in sending out ‘thank you’, ‘birthday’ and ‘congratulations’ cards.
  • I often make my own cards and gift tags, so cute stamps are a must!
  • Store made cards draw me in with glitter and cute relatable graphics.


Other Unnecessary Supplies

  • Cute desk items like a keyboard cover and a mousepad show your personality & flair!
  • You will never have enough pens/pencils with polka-dots, chevron and paisleys on them. 
  • Washi tape and ribbon are a great way to decorate cards, gift bags and so much more!


Do you have a similar addiction? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,



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16 thoughts on “Paper & Office Affair

  1. I used to always get so excited for school supply shopping, too. I can spend hours in stores with cute stuff like this!! I love the keyboard, but everything you have is so darn cute.


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