Life’s Simple Things

Hey beauties, 

The past few weeks I have been writing a lot about life, simplicity and happiness. I am a true believer in “it’s the little things that count” and how one tiny act of surprise, can bring so much happiness to our day. 

So many of us take little things for granted… like the perfect cup of coffee or how Sunday mornings feel like a dream. The simplest of things are often the most remarkable and overlooked, yet always bring a smile to our face. 

  • The perfect ‘cereal to milk’ ratio
  • Hitting 3 or more green lights in a row
  • Sleeping in fresh, clean bedsheets
  • Taking your bra off after a long day (sorry guys)
  • Getting prime seats at the movies
  • The ‘five second’ food rule… or ‘however long it takes me to pick it up off the floor’ rule
  • Driving by the house you grew up in
  • Finding money in a pocket
  • Snow falling on Christmas Eve
  • Paying for something with exact change
  • Sweatpants
  • Hanging your hand out of the car window
  • The smell of books
  • Watching The Price is Right when you’re at home sick
  • Celebrating your pets birthday when they have no idea what’s going on
  • Receiving a long hug when you really need it
  • Remembering what movie ‘that guy’ was from
  • Wearing your favourite old, comfy tshirt
  • The smell and sound of a campfire 
  • Waking up before your alarm and realizing you have hours left to sleep

Embrace all of life’s little things.

It’s so easy to forget what makes us smile but amazing things are all around us, just look. 

Until next time,






12 thoughts on “Life’s Simple Things

  1. Gosh this is such a lovely and heartwarming post. It’s always great to bring attention to and celebrate the little things! I mean, snow on Christmas eve would make me happy for weeks and weeks as it’s such a rarity around here. Have an amazing day! ❤

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