Reasons to Look Forward to Fall

Hey Beauties!

If you’re sitting around bummed that summer has come to and end, chin up! All four seasons offer their own charm, but I truly believe fall is the most perfect of all. Call me basic but I am giddy with excitement about the season of homemade pies, leaf jumping and pumpkin patch walking.

Here are 10 reasons why you should be just as excited as me for fall.

Crisp Fall Air

  • We all can agree that the smell of fall air is different than summers. Maybe it’s because we aren’t smelling the garbage rotting in the heat on every street, but that crisp fall air is definitely something to stick our nose up to. 

Reading Week

  • Here in Canada, University students get a full week off just after Thanksgiving that is to be used for ‘studying’. I mean, we don’t actually use it for studying but we will never argue the week long vacay. 

Monday Night Football

  • I’m not one for football, but I’ll never argue 20 cent wings and half priced beer, am I right? Apparently the sport is pretty cool too though. 

Changing of Colours

  • Mother Nature sure steps up her game for fall. If you’re looking for that perfect insta picture, step outside and capture the beautiful fall foliage. 

Fall Fairs

  • Who doesn’t look forward to getting lost in a corn maze, checking out the winner for the biggest pumpkin and finding your perfect candy apple? I sure can’t wait. 

Cuddle Season

  • Whether you have your perfect spooning partner or the fuzziest blanket, fall is all about staying cozy. 

Fall Fashion

  • Sweater weather AND boot season all in one?! I am so ready to bring out my fall wardrobe. 


  • Who else is ready to make the best leftover turkey sandwich ever? Spending time with family, watching the big game and ending it with the best meal ever that even requires an after dinner nap? I’m ready.

Black Friday

  • Mark your calendars folks, Friday November 24th is this years Black Friday. Starting your Christmas shopping early or just finding the best deals is definitely something to be excited about. 


  • Watching Hocus Pocus for the 100th time, pumpkin carving, or eating all the trick or treaters candy is a night worth looking forward to. 

So who’s ready for fall now?!

In the comments below, tell me your favourite thing about fall.

Until next time,


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