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From bold colouring and unique finishes this seasons trends are nothing but glamorous. Keep on reading to see which trends you’d want to freshen up your space with! 


Copper adds a warm, sophisticated glow to any interior scheme. Try expanding your finishes from the traditional silver and gold and transition into copper.

This popular finish is popping up not only in design but in many household accessories. From copper finished pendants to kitchen prep bowls this is the perfect colour for any statement piece. 



This ultra modern trend has been around for a few seasons now but has seem to have exploded this year. 

Acrylic furniture can work in any interior space but pairs perfectly in small rooms. Reason being, the physical appearance of this style visually looks weightless as it is transparent. Therefore making its surroundings appear larger. 




*A huge thank you to my bestie for letting me use pictures from her room!

Navy Blue

This year, experts predict that navy blue will be the new black and are calling it a “modern twist on a traditional feel.” 

Whether you are painting all four walls of a space or just an accent wall, you will be creating a space that speaks “Sophisticated.” Navy blue is such a transitional colour that could be used in any space with any type of style.

If you find this colour to be intimidating, try bringing it into your space in smaller doses. Use it within curtains, throw pillows or even in your art or accessories. 

Here are some of my favourite blues.




Whether its flowers or floral prints, this trend will never go out of style. Mainly due to the fact that you can change out the flowers to coordinate with the seasons. 

To be more specific though, white Magnolia flowers sure seems to be taking center stage for this trend. Magnolia’s are often large, lemon cintronella-scented flowers that are white with lush green leaves. 

Pop them into a pitcher and make them the centrepiece of your table.



This trend is bold and eye-catching yet it still looks sharp and sophisticated. Marble adds a contemporary touch to this old traditional pattern.

Marble print is the best way to make a bold statement while still staying within your comfort zone. This trend is popping up everywhere from home decor, fashion, art and even stationary products. 


I challenge you to give some of these trends a try this season! Comment down below your favourite trend this season or what you’re most excited to try!

Happy Decorating! 


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5 thoughts on “Design Trends 01

  1. I love copper accents and anything navy! I am also starting to get into the floral trend, I might try and go to home goods over the weekend and pick up a few floral pieces to add to my vanity/desk space! Thanks for sharing! xo

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