If We Were Having Coffee / 03

Hey lovelies, 

I haven’t wrote a chatty, what’s new in my life post in quite some time now. I asked you guys in a poll over on my instagram a few days back if this was something you wanted to read. So here we are! 

Grab yourself a tea, coffee or wine…. and let’s chat!

I’d talk about how much I am enjoying volunteering… 

  • If you didn’t already know, since September I have been volunteering in a kindergarten classroom. This upcoming January I am heading back to school for the Early Childhood Education program and could not be more excited. You know you have chosen the right career when you’re happy & excited to go into work/volunteer. It warms my heart when I get a huge welcoming into the classroom by the little ones every week I show up. Teaching and working with children has always been a passion of mine and I am so happy I’m finally pursuing it. 

I’d talk about how excited I am for the holidays… 

  • By the time this post has gone up, my room will be Christmas ready! I spent the weekend decorating my room and putting up my tree with my boyfriend. (Yes I have a Christmas tree in my room, I’m obsessive lol) I can’t wait to start spending quality time with family and friends over the holidays, get a start on my Christmas bucket list (coming soon), buying gifts and baking! 

I’d talk about how my donation for the Women’s Shelter is going… 

  • It’s that time of year again where I am collecting donations for the London Abused Women’s Centre. I am so happy that this is the third annual donation that we will be making. A little recap from last year, we collected over 30 reusable bags filled with generous donations, tons of extra feminine products, socks and mittens that were taken to the LAWC. This year I am planning to accomplish the same thing but adding in children items as well. The holidays are the perfect time to donate and help those in need and it’s something I am proud to do every year. 

I’d mention how I am planning lots of fun posts for December…

  • I have been in overdrive with writing, organizing and planning all my posts for next month. I plan on posting 3x a week for the month of December and can’t wait to share with you all! I have lots of holiday DIY’s, festive ideas and Christmas cheer to spread!

I’d ask about you!

  • What have you been up to lately? Are just as excited as me about the holidays? Is there anything you want to see me write for December? 

I enjoy writing these posts as it’s a great way to catch up with you all! Check out my other ‘If We Were Having Coffee’ posts down below.

Until next time,



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10 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee / 03

  1. Volunteer works can feel so rewarding. I’m actually studying social education, and just recently finished my internship in a kindergarten 🙂 All of the kids were so nice, and I was even offered a part time job there 😀 There’s nothing like watching the little munchkins welcome you with open arms. Warms my heart ❤ I always get so excited about Christmas, and evne more excited for my Chrismas break yaass. Only a month left 🙂 Your donations for the womens shelter sound amazing!

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  2. Love these posts so much! Glad ur enjoying ur volunteering/job – so many people do something to make money ir bc they feel they have to so its nice to see someone genuinely enjoying what they are doing x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I enjoyed this post so much. It is almost like we are sitting with a cup of tea and chatting. I hope we are going to do some baking together again this year. I know the fudge will be on your list. I have two bags of women’s items for your LAWC donation and will be starting on two bags of children’s items. This is such a wonderful thing you do Shelby and I hope you are getting a good response. ❤️Carole

    Liked by 1 person

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