Staying Organized This Holiday Season

Hi all!

We are finally at my favourite time of the year- Santa Season! I countdown the days until it’s acceptable to start decorating the house for the holidays, humming Christmas carols and planning my holiday DIY’s! 

Planning is essential to creating a stress free holiday season.  You are the one that has control over your holiday time and, with a little planning and organizing, it is possible to avoid the craziness of the season and just enjoy all of the magic that Christmas has to bring.  

So… here are some of my tips & tricks to help staying (somewhat) organized this holiday season. 

Plan, Plan, Plan

  • Create a running to-do list with all your holiday tasks and cross them off as you complete them (buy a turkey, put up the tree, mail out holiday cards, bake, Christmas shop, holiday parties, etc)
  • Use a planner to keep track of all your holiday parties, cookie exchanges, holiday blog posts and family time
  • Try creating a budget and stick with it while you’re out shopping
  • Make a list of ideas/gifts you’d like to buy for each individual on your Christmas shopping list


Gift Giving

  • Buy EARLY, don’t leave shopping till the last minute. Stores will not have what you’re looking for and there’s a higher chance of impulse buying
  • Stick to your list! Buy what you need/have on your gift list for a fast and convenient shopping experience
  • Budget, Budget, Budget. Be firm with your budget and you’ll end up saving those $


  • Buy & Wrap. Once you get home, wrap gifts asap so you aren’t stuck wrapping all gifts on Christmas Eve
  • Buy all accessories early so you get first dibs. (wrapping paper, tags, bows, ribbon and tape)
  • Use a bar cart or old caddies to store all wrapping tools & accessories. Easy way to move and wrap anywhere in the house

Holiday Decor

  • Schedule a day(s) to put up the tree and decorate the house. Don’t forget the Christmas music!
  • Have a helper, an extra set of hands is always a good idea. Those who are tall work great for putting up the star! hehe
  • Donate any old/unused decor pieces and ornaments that don’t work for you anymore
  • Store and label all boxes/containers for an easy find
  • Exchange regular home decor for Christmas decor and store in the same Christmas boxes for a fast & easy cleanup 

Holiday Events

  • Plan and schedule all events on a calendar or planner
  • Make a list of ingredients for your dinner/treats and buy ahead 
  • Stock up on items you may need (napkins, throw away plates, decorations, etc)
  • Shop early for that new outfit to avoid crazy long checkout lines

Bake Goods

  • Bake early & freeze! Saves a ton of time and you’re ready in a pinch!
  • Buy all ingredients early, you won’t be running to the store last minute!
  • Host a cookie exchange! You’ll receive a ton of other yummy baked treats


Focus on the Meaning…

I may have left this one to the very end, but it’s the most important of them all. Christmas may mean a lot of different things to many people, but no matter what you believe we all can agree that it’s the time of sharing, celebrating, giving and loving. Remember to slow down and enjoy the Christmas magic.

I embrace the chaos and sleep in January! haha!

Until next time,


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