Winter Skincare Routine

Hi loves,

Some people think you’re being super extra by adjusting your skincare routine with the cooler months, but fear not! There are many good reasons to change up your skincare routine this winter.

With the change of weather comes blustery winds, change of humidity and exposure to indoor heaters. These elements can make the skin dryer and duller and in some cases, skin can become extremely sensitive, red and flaky.

Applying some extra TLC to your skin this winter is something worth considering.

Check out my skincare routine for the upcoming winter season down below!


  • The first step on the routine as it plays the biggest part in my skincare. Keeping your skin moisturized this winter will keep it looking plump, radiant and healthy.
  • Drink plenty of water! Just by amping up your water intake you’ll see a major difference in your skin.
  • Creams hydrate better than lotions. Creams often are a lot thicker than lotions (thats why they usually come in jars versus pumps), so consider which will benefit your skin more.
  • Moisturize immediately after getting out of the shower in order to lock in moisture.
  • During the winter months I moisturize as often as I can. Morning and night are musts!



  • A good lather with a foaming face wash is so darn satisfying. But I make sure not to use these types of cleansers in the colder months, because they make my skin feel tight within minutes of rinsing them off.
  • Consider using calming or gel like cleansers.
  • Consider using non-traditional ways of washing like micellar water/toners. Both being super gentle on the skin while still removing dirt, makeup and impurities.
  • Treat your skin as if it’s sensitive, even if it’s not!



  • Nothing is more satisfying than removing dry, flaky skin. Doing so can actually causes more damage to the skin if not done right.
  • Use gentle exfoliators and use sparingly!
  • Consider using facial oils to gentle remove dry skin.
  • Use weekly, don’t over exfoliate!


  • Pampering yourself is not only relaxing, it can be very beneficial to your skin!
  • The use of face masks can provide moisture and antioxidants.
  • Night serums with AHA can resurface dull, patchy skin.
  • Facial oils are often enriched with vitamins that help restore the skin.
  • Facial Sprays provide an extra layer of moisture while also providing a refreshing mist.


Don’t forget!

  • Lips, hands and the rest of your body also deserve some extra TLC during the winter.
  • Load up on moisturizing lip balms, body scrubs and lotions to help protect your skin.

What are some of your winter skincare tips? I’d love to know!

Until next time,



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10 thoughts on “Winter Skincare Routine

  1. Shea butter is really good for extremely dry skin. I’ve been using mine from Purdy Naturals like crazy and my skin has never felt more soft. I rarely see any flaky skin since I started using it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. woah 🙂 your pics just blow me away! what camera do you use? thanks for the Inso on your skincare routine – I am about to write one so I’ve come to look for inspo! those products look pretty cool 🙂 and omg yessss I love the Mario badescu rose water spray and I do want to try out their other ones!
    ella x


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