DIY Christmas Cards

Hi all!

Tis the season for thoughtfulness, joy and cheer! It’s that time of year again where our inner craftiness comes out in full force! From homemade ornaments, wreaths and my favourite, Christmas cards.

Christmas cards are one of those things that are becoming nostalgic. I don’t know about you guys but receiving cards during the holiday season makes me cheery and warm.

If you’ve put off buying cards, or just want something more personal and creative, count on these crafty ideas!


All the supplies I used where either items I had lying around at home or purchased from the dollar store.

  • cardstock & envelopes
  • coloured paper
  • hole punch
  • alphabet (stamps)
  • Christmas greeting stamps
  • mini snowflakes
  • mini clothes-pegs
  • string
  • scraps of wrapping paper
  • black marker
  • shape punchers (star & heart)
  • pinecone sticker
  • washi tape


All six of these cards were easy and simple to make. I made them all from inspiration pictures found on good ole’ Pintrest! All of them are simple enough to make without instructions too!

Reindeer List

This reindeer list Christmas card will give whoever you send it to a spirited surprise.


Red Mittens

Hang a pair of mittens on a string for an ever so cute Holiday card.



Consider keeping scraps of wrapping paper to make a one of a kind cover when you need a card in a pinch!


Christmas Tree

Create a bright, colourful Christmas tree to send someone a cup of cheer.



Give your friends and family a dose of Holiday cheer with this Rudolph creation!


Snowflake Wreath 

This snowflake wreath is so darling you’re going to want to keep it to display on your own mantel.



Don’t forget to include a festive envelope!


So get crafting to create Holiday cards your friends and family are sure to remember!

Until next time,



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6 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Cards

  1. You are so talented Shelby. Is there anything you can’t do? My favourite cards are the Rudolf and Snowflake cards and also,loved the mittens on a line and ……. oh heck, I loved them all and the envelopes too. Carole💞💞🎄🎄🎄🎄


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