DIY Gift Wrapping

Hi lovelies,

There’s nothing I love more than getting creative, mix that with wrapping presents for people I love with the fact that it’s Christmas, I’m in my element. Nothing beats a beautifully wrapped gift, especially a festive wrapped one for the holidays. 

With only a week till Christmas, you’re probably thinking where to cut? When to crease? Gift wrapping is one of those tricky things to master but by adding your personality to the mix it makes it all a little more fun! 

Check out some of my gift wrapping ideas down below.


Plain brown paper is so cheap but makes such a lovely base for wrapping. I then decorate with stamps, ribbon, string, washi tape and lots of festive bits and pieces.


Take it the extra step by making some DIY tags! I made this latte cup gift tag with heavy duty paper and a few different stamps. 


Think outside the box by using Christmas ornaments for some extra flair to your gifts.


Break free from those traditional holiday gift tags and make your own! Try using non- traditional colours or create a theme. 


Stuck on ideas? Grab some festive inspiration over on pintrest!

Gorgeous gifts deserve gorgeous wrapping! There are so many options to ensure your gifts are presented with style and flair this holiday season.

What was your favourite idea?

Until next time,



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