Things I Struggle With

Hi everyone,

Everyday we all face challenges, whether they’re big, small, difficult or easy, we all face them. I am a firm believer that set backs, challenges and difficulties only make you grow stronger and more confident as a person.

Being able to identify your weaknesses will only help you overcome them. So today I am sharing some of my weaknesses and how I plan on conquering them!

Staying with the Moment

  • I find my mind drifting away, mid convo, reading a book, or just mid anything that deserves my full attention. I think a lot of this reflects back on my anxiety and how my thoughts just consume me. It ends up ruining everyday experiences and moments.


  • My mind is always going to drift… I don’t think you can really get a full control on that. But what I do plan on doing when my thoughts start to take me away from the present moment, is to slowly bring them back into reality. 

Staying Off of Social Media

  • This is a huge problem/habit of mine. The internet is an amazing place that offers millions of distractions conveniently at our fingertips.


  • Even though I want to grab my phone because it’s been 20 minutes, I need to learn how to refrain. Facebook, Instagram, and blogging will forever be here, but spending quality time with my favourite people won’t always be. 

Saying No

  • I feel like I run on autopilot half the time as I go from one thing to the next. I am always wanting to move on to bigger and better things and don’t even realize it. I truly struggle to saying ‘no’ to many things in life, mainly because I feel very empathetic towards things. 


  • Learning to say ‘no’. Saying no is my battle shield for deflecting distractions, staying true to myself, and sticking to the course. Every time I agree to do something I do not believe is right, or want to do, it beats me up mentally. 

Over Analyzing 

  • This goes hand-in-hand with anxiety again folks. Not being able to turn off your thoughts, let alone your brain can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. I am the type of person who worries and stresses over anything imaginable. 


  • Today, tomorrow and forever on, I will not stress over the things I cannot control. 


What are some of your weaknesses? Do we share some of the same struggles?

Until next time,



Let’s Be Friends!


9 thoughts on “Things I Struggle With

  1. Hi Shelby: This post was wonderful. I too have always suffered from anxieties. I can relate to several of these challenges like staying in the moment, saying no and over analyzing things. I am certainly going to try your fixes and see if they can help me especially the one to saying no. Thanks for sharing. ❤️Xo

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  2. Anxiety really can be a burden, especially when you are trying to live in the present moment but your brain makes you analyse something that may be completely irrelevant at that particular time. However, catching this process in action and bringing ourselves back, gently but assertively, is the best we can do. Thank you for sharing your experiences and tips with us. xox

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    • I absolutely love that theory! “Will it matter in 5 hours, 5 days or 5 years.” I will definitely remember that for next time as I think it’s totally reasonable and helpful! Thanks so much for sharing xo


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