January Favourites!

Hi everyone!

It’s officially not January anymore, where did the month go?! With that being said, it’s time for me to share the things I couldn’t live without this past month. 

January has been such a crazy month for me with working and starting school again full time. It has also been a pretty chilly month here in Canada so I have lots of warm and cozy items to share!

Lets dive into this months goodies!

Purple Pom-Pom Beanie 

  • I got this purple beanie for Christmas from one of my besties and I am in love with it! It’s super warm for those chilly winter days and the pom-pom makes it even more adorable! Get it here.


Burgundy Moccasins

  •  During the colder months, my feet suffer. My feet seem to always be cold to the touch so it was time to invest in some warm, fuzzy house slippers! These ones are great because not only are they cute and warm, but they don’t slide around on the hardwood floors! Get them here.

IMG_3424 2.jpg

Glysomed Hand Cream

  • As we all know, my skin is extremely dry all year around. So, the winter season is obviously my enemy as it makes my skin even more dry! This hand cream is an absolute life saver! Not only is it fragrance free, but it contains chamomile which is a very soothing ingredient!

Peppermint Essential Oil

  •  I’ve been suffering from a lot of migraines recently and boy has this stuff ever helped. Diffusing peppermint oil has many benefits such as, relieving headaches/migraines, reducing stress, anxiety and depression and can also help alleviate nausea.

First Aid Beauty-Coconut Priming Smoothie

  • This primer is perfect for anyone who suffers from dry skin. This stuff hydrates, blurs pores and also gives your skin a natural looking glow!



I had such a hard time narrowing down my favourite songs for January, but it looks like the Pop category won this month!

Song Artist
The Long Way Brett Eldredge
Singles You Up Jordan Davis
Aww Baby Ariel
Candy Paint Post Malone
IDGAF Dua Lipa

Favourite Posts I Wrote 

With the start of a new year I wrote a lot about reflecting, goal setting and blogging for an entire year!

In the comments below, tell me your favourite product for the month of January!

P.S. I made True Bliss a new Instagram account, so be sure to follow it down below! I follow back all fellow bloggers! @truebliss.blog

Until next time,



Let’s Be Friends!


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