February To Do List

Hey everyone!

I am back for my monthly to do lists series! Each month I write down a combination of tasks, activities and goals I want to complete by the end of that month. Writing and keeping running to do lists seems to help me stay on track and organized!

I reflect back on the previous month to see what I managed to complete and didn’t get around to. Unfortunately, I did not have a ‘January To Do List’, so we will just be chatting on my February goals!

Lets jump right into this!

February To Do List

February is going to be yet another busy month for myself. I am back in school full time again and working a part time job. Not to mention, February just happens to be my birthday month!

  • Keep on top of school work- both my work and stress load just got a lot heavier. Being in a full time program requires a lot of time, hard work and dedication. My goal for the year is to keep on top of all my homework and assignments-no procrastination allowed! Keep in mind, on top of school I work a part time job, want to be active on my blog and want to maintain my social life! 
  • Create a Valentines DIY- One of my favourite Winter activities is DIY’s and crafts! What better month to make a craft then February! I plan on making easy and affordable Valentines to give to your besties this year! I also plan on dedicating a blog post for it too-so keep your eyes peeled!
  • Plan & save for a weekend getaway- My boyfriend and I have planned a weekend getaway that will be happening in March. Both of our birthdays are so close together that we decided our gifts to each other was to get away! We still have things to plan, like what activities we want to go to and see (a wine tour is obviously happening) and where we might want to eat! That being said, I’ll be doing a lot of saving this month. $$$ 
  • Updates to my blog- The past few months I have been making small changes here and there to True Bliss. I got a new blog header, changed my theme, made an official instagram account and got my own domain! I have a few other minor ideas that I want to spring into action this month with the help of a good friend. Stay tuned friends!
  • Celebrate my birthday!- Obviously I can’t forget to mention the fact that I’ll be celebrating my 23rd birthday during this month (Feb 10th). I don’t have any set plans yet, but looking forward to spending some time with family and friends!


Overall, I plan to stay focused and on track during the month of February! What does your February look like?

Until next time,



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