Valentines DIY

Hi everyone!

January has finally come to an end as it feels like it’s been months already. So, it’s now February-the love month! Can you feel the love in the air yet?

Valentines Day is only a few days away which means many of us will be scrambling for last minute gift idea’s and running to the flower shop. But a Valentines gift doesn’t need to be costly in order for it to be loved. More often than not a homemade gift is more thoughtful and appreciated. 

So check out my DIY Valentine Treat boxes!

Valentines Treat Box

These were beyond easy and affordable to make, all it really takes is some creativity!

Almost all the supplies can be purchased at the dollarstore aside from the chocolates which I bought from the Bulk Barn!






I also took a few other items such as a mini ‘love’ sack, a clear treat bag and a mason jar! I decorated them with pink and red hearts and threw in some candy. Voila! 

These make for a quick, affordable DIY gift for all your Valentines this year! Be sure to let me know if you end up making a Valentine DIY gift!

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16 thoughts on “Valentines DIY

  1. These are so cute! I also love how you laid out the things in your photos, it really showcases the Valentine theme! This post brings back memories for me too because I used to give out little treat boxes to my friends in high school. 😊

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