March To Do List

Hey everyone!

It’s that time of the month again! Each month I write down a combination of tasks, activities and goals I want to complete by the end of that month. Writing and keeping running to do lists seems to help me stay on track and organized!

I reflect back on the previous month to see what I managed to complete and didn’t get around to. I’ll be sharing what I accomplished in February and mention my goals for March!

Lets jump right into this!

February Roundup

Exciting news as I was able to check off everything on my February to do list! It was such a busy month for me with juggling work, school, my social life and my birthday. Here’s what I completed.

  • Keep on top of school work- February was a very busy month with school and it’s only getting busier! I managed to keep on top of all my assignments.
  • Create a Valentines DIY- I wanted to create a cute, easy and affordable DIY for Valentines Day this year and it was such a hit! They turned out adorable. Check them out here. 
  • Plan & save for a weekend getaway- When you read this I’ll be away with my boyfriend-which means I was able to save and set some time aside to plan our little getaway!

March To Do List

  • Finish a book- Last year I managed to read just over 25 books. I was a major accomplishment, but this year will be quite different as I am in school. I have already started my third book of the year and hope to finish it this month!
  • Decorate for Spring- Once I get home from our little getaway, I plan to set some time aside to decorate for Spring! I have some cute Easter decor to put out and can’t wait to share.
  • Spring DIY- Crafting and DIY’s are some of my favourite things to do. I am hoping to create some sort of Spring DIY for you guys. I’ll be searching Pintrest for some ideas!
  • Reach 400 followers on Instagram- If you haven’t already heard the news, True Bliss got it’s own Instagram account! I am so close to this goal already but if you aren’t following me yet be sure to! Links are down below.

IMG_3593 2.jpg

All in all, an exciting month! What have you guys got planned?

Until next time,



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5 thoughts on “March To Do List

  1. wow I love your blog Shelby! you have done such an amazing job with it and I just absolutely loveee all of your posts! *clicks follow*
    is this your bujo? cos it looks soooo pretty! I love it so much! your goals are so well thought and I hope you have completed them all! I actually just posted my July goals which is funny 🙂
    off to read more posts,
    ella x


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