Take Care Of You

Hi everyone!

It’s been another hot minute since I’ve posted here on True Bliss. I took a few months off from blogging as I needed to recharge, get motivated and take some time to focus on myself.

My blog has always been my little corner of the internet to share my thoughts and feelings to whoever may want to stop by to read, listen or chat. These past few months involved lots of self care activities to give myself some much needed R&R.

Self care involves devoting time and effort into taking care of your mind, body and emotions. Creating something as easy as a checklist gives me simple tasks to focus on each and everyday to better myself.

It is totally acceptable to put yourself first and I challenge you to make yourself a self care checklist today.

self-care checklist.jpg


Put yourself first today and fall in love with taking care of you.

Until next time,



Let’s Be Friends!


3 thoughts on “Take Care Of You

  1. I love the idea of a self-care checklist. I also took a few months off of blogging to recharge and it is encouraging to see other bloggers doing the same. Thank you very much for sharing this – I will definitely be adding this checklist to my self-care “toolkit” when R&R is needed.

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  2. Welcome back pretty lady! And I love this! Self-care is so important and I don’t think it’s talked about nearly enough! I’m glad you were able to take some time to recharge and come back fresh and ready to go! xo

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  3. i love this blog, i always never take the time to care for myself, always putting others before me. I forget to self- love and take care of myself. I feel stressed being in a fashion school, always trying to keep up with the chase, i need some time to recharge and be fresh.


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