March To Do List

Hey everyone!

It’s that time of the month again! Each month I write down a combination of tasks, activities and goals I want to complete by the end of that month. Writing and keeping running to do lists seems to help me stay on track and organized!

I reflect back on the previous month to see what I managed to complete and didn’t get around to. I’ll be sharing what I accomplished in February and mention my goals for March!

Lets jump right into this!

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The Un-Do List

Hey everybody! 

It’s easy to become so focused on getting everything done that you might forget to take care of the person carrying out all those “to-dos”. I talk a lot about self care here on True Bliss as it plays a crucial part in your well being. 

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Realistic New Years Resolution’s

Happy New Year Everybody!

A new year comes with a fresh start, clean slate, changes and new beginnings!

New Years is a time for people to reflect on last year and promise to make positive lifestyle changes. By making your resolutions realistic, you have a higher chance of keeping & reaching all your goals. Go you!

Here are some of my realistic resolutions for having a fantastic 2018…

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