DIY Christmas Cards

Hi all!

Tis the season for thoughtfulness, joy and cheer! It’s that time of year again where our inner craftiness comes out in full force! From homemade ornaments, wreaths and my favourite, Christmas cards.

Christmas cards are one of those things that are becoming nostalgic. I don’t know about you guys but receiving cards during the holiday season makes me cheery and warm.

If you’ve put off buying cards, or just want something more personal and creative, count on these crafty ideas!

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Staying Organized This Holiday Season

Hi all!

We are finally at my favourite time of the year- Santa Season! I countdown the days until it’s acceptable to start decorating the house for the holidays, humming Christmas carols and planning my holiday DIY’s! 

Planning is essential to creating a stress free holiday season.  You are the one that has control over your holiday time and, with a little planning and organizing, it is possible to avoid the craziness of the season and just enjoy all of the magic that Christmas has to bring.  

So… here are some of my tips & tricks to help staying (somewhat) organized this holiday season. 

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Where To Find The Best Christmas Decor

Tiptoeing in to say… it’s less than 4 weeks until Christmas! I know, its crazy to think. I hate rushing the holidays so I have already begun my planning as I love to savour this time of year. 

Christmas decor spread throughout the house always gives me some holiday cheer. Decorating the house for the holidays shouldn’t feel like a chore, it should make you feel like a kid again! I know I always do!

Today I am sharing where to find decor to get your house in the holiday spirit and some ideas on how to deck the halls.

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