Personalized to Your Style

Hey everyone!

It’s been a hot minute since I have posted anything here on True Bliss.

School, projects, exams and everything else you can possibly think of has been kicking my butt.

Today I am here to share with you an amazing company that gives you the ability to create custom cases to fit all your devices!

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Paper & Office Affair

Hello Beauties!

I honestly get way too excited when walking into an office supply store. Going back to school shopping was considered fun to me growing up. I always get suckered into the cute pattern notebooks, anything foiled in gold and don’t get me started on washi tape.

This post is dedicated to all the stationary and office supply lovers out there.

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What To Write In A Planner

I consider myself to be a pretty organized person. My planner is no different. I honestly believe in writing things down and turning a page to reveal a new week. I have never been the type of person to keep dates and such on my smartphone, call me old fashioned but I’d much rather use a planner.

Many people have the same problem when it comes to owning a planner; they don’t know to write and keep inside. Well no worries, I have come up with __ idea’s to write in your planner!Read More »