23rd Birthday Haul

Hi everyone!

February is a great month, from being the month surrounded by love and pink glittered hearts to Spring inching closer and closer. Not to mention, my birthday is during the month of February!

My birthday fell nothing short of being perfect. I got to spend it with family and my closest of friends!Read More »


If We Were Having Coffee /05

Hi everyone!

Happy Family Day to my fellow Canadians!

I thought it was time for another chatty post to keep you guys in the loop! The past few weeks have been extra busy for me and not to mention I’ve been getting into a different routine.Read More »

Happy Thoughts 02

Hello Beauties!

I am back here today to share with you my Happy Thoughts Part II. My first post in this series was based on things that made me happy over a course of a week. (You can check the first post out here: Happy Thoughts ) This time around these moments were captured over the course of several weeks.

I believe taking the time to stop and look at all the little things that made you smile or just generally happy, is valuable.

Without further ado … Read More »