Back To School: Organization

Hey Beauties!

Welcome back to week two’s post of my Back To School Series! This week we are talking Organization.

As an organized person, I will never understand disorganized people. Who are you? What is your life? And most importantly WHY?!

As an organized person I like things a certain way. I am hyper-aware of all my belongings and everything I own has a specific spot. I always know where my keys are and I will forever put away my laundry as soon as it’s done.

I secretly get overjoyed when walking down the home organizational isles. Not to mention my love for the Container store.ย 

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Back To School Must Haves

Hey beauties!

Over the course of the next few weeks, every Monday I will be posting content relating to Back To School. Whether you’re heading back to highschool, college or university, I am positive these posts will be useful!

With school only being a few weeks away, you may be starting your back to school supply shopping soon. I am here to share with you the items I would always have on deck for heading back to school.

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